Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's been an amazing Christmas.

Some ups, some downs, but the best was definitely the end. Boys have had their "pre sleep" meal and weren't acting too sleepy, so we let them frolic on the Tummy Time mat.

This is amazing. I'm watching my sons interact for ...well, really the first time. Sure, they've been next to each other before, and touched, but ... there's something about this. They seem to be gaining an awareness of "this is me. This is something else." Their gestures, though still flail-y, are becoming more coordinated. They aren't just "hungry or tired or awake", they're actively starting to show an interest in their worlds.

They've both gained some new noises. Besides the various volumes of "cry", they now have a new noise. It's not a happy "coo", it's more like "Hey." It's a bit like what I say an owl "means" when it hoots. It could be "hey, I'm over here", or "HEY! I'm over here." or just "Hey." But it's not an unhappy noise.

I'm so in awe of them.

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