Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Going Out With The Boys

Wanted to jot this one down while I was thinking about it.

When the boys came home, we were pretty sternly admonished to keep them away from people for at least a couple of months. And really, we did. Those first couple of weeks, almost NOBODY left the house. When they had their doctor's appointment, we piled them into the Subaru, got there, had the visit, and, on our way home, DROVE AROUND for a little while. It felt like a grossly indulgent luxury, driving for fifteen minutes or so in the cold winter sunshine.

Slowly, though, we've relented. The boys have gone on little sorties with us. The boys had their first meal out at Suzy Q's Barbecue with the assorted families. On New Year's Eve, we went to Sake Cafe and quietly ate sushi while the boys snoozled in the seats next to us. Now we'll go out to dinner occasionally and bring the boys with, and it's ...well, routine. If they need to, they eat. If they don't, we eat. Weirdly, the boys seem to be at peace in the loudest, most chaotic restaurants. I'm considering recording a loop at 7pm on a Friday night at Olive Garden just to help them go to sleep.

But that wasn't my point. My point is that we're getting to where we just go out in the world with the boys, and it's okay.

In developmental news, Robert is semi-regularly rolling back-to-front, and Michael is trying really hard to follow suit. He's not far behind.

More soon.

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