Sunday, April 22, 2012

Addendum to the previous

Point of clarification:

In addition to the solids and the formula, the boys do get a healthy quantity of breast milk (mom manna, boob-juice, baby-fast-food). And I mean "healthy" both in the "more than just a little" sense and in the "good for them" sense. We both know the incredible list of benefits to breastfeeding, and doing all we can to make sure the boys get all that Mom can give. I'm happy for every drop they get.

...which leads me to a little rant. There's this tendency for people who know a lot about something to offer unsolicited advice.That's not a big deal if you mention in passing that you have a 1982 Mazda, and the expert in question says "Hey, have you looked at the apex seals? They tend to go after 100,000 miles". But when the issue in question is breastfeeding and milk production, understand that this is about as personal as you can get. "Oh, you're breastfeeding your kids? Wow, that's *wonderful*!" is fine.
"Oh, you're having trouble with your supply? I'm really sorry to hear that." is also fine.
"Have you tried eating oatmeal and drinking Gatorade?" OK, appreciate the advice, yes, we've read those books too.
"Are you sure you've tried everything? Moms produce milk. It's what they do. All moms. Make milk. Why aren't you making enough? What's wrong with you?" OK, lady, you crossed a line, and you're now on the "making Dad want to punch you in the face" side of that line. This is all a roundabout way of saying: Understand that "being helpful" is only helpful if your help is wanted or needed, and if you're not a being a self-righteous sanctimonious prick about it.

Also, my wife is awesome, both for her ability to produce soothing and nutriotionifying boob-juice, and for her restraint that kept her from punching this idiot in the face.

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