Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Yes, it's been over a month. Sorry, I've been busy. I've got these twins, you see...

The boys continue to amaze me. I've been looking through "old" albums from six months ago and realizing how "tiny" they were. I use the quotes because six months isn't that long and they're both still relatively small. But I'm also realizing how quickly they're developing and how I really need to write down how and what they're doing so that I can come back and see how far they've come.

Both R and M are continuing with making noises - giggling and cooing and such. They're no longer just reaching for stuff; anything in "the reaching zone" gets grabbed and jammed in the mouth.And the drool. So much drool, everywhere. They're also on to solid foods now, as well as the bottles. This is good, because solid food is what we want them to be eating eventually, but while they're eating both, it means a lot of time is spent feeding. First thing in the morning, there's mom-juice, then there's bottled formula, then breakfast - usually a vegetable or fruit and some rice or oatmeal. Then down for a nap, then it's lunchtime... We've both gotten pretty expert at getting food prepped and in the mouth-hole FAST.

 If you don't have kids and want to know what it's like to prepare food for two ballistic-screaming twins, picture this: You're at your front door, accompanied by someone you care deeply about. The door is locked. They just cut their finger. It's not life-threatening or anything, but it's bleeding quite a bit, and they need a band-aid. Also, you really have to pee. There's a police car across the street with its siren on full-blast wailing mode and your neighbor is about to get arrested.'s not just a "put the key in the door" lock; you have to put the key in and turn twice to the left then once to the right. Then you have to enter a 10-digit code. Then you wait 90 seconds, enter a 5 digit code, and GENTLY lift up on the handle. If you try to rush it, if you pull too hard, you have to start over.

In other news, the halcyon days of working from home are, for now, over. Unfortunately, my job is such that I'm either working from home, "commuting" to the couch in a Dyngus Day t-shirt with a big mug of coffee.... or I'm on the road, hundreds (or thousands) of miles away. The latter is the case now; I'm typing this in an adequately-comfortable Hampton Inn room. I've had a few of these outings - being away from the little ones for a while - but this trip is different; this is the first time Buffalo Twin Mom's mom wasn't there to help while I was gone.

And it's killing me.

I wake up in the morning and I'm more well-rested than I would be at home, but I'm greeted by my hotel room. If I go across the hall here, there's just another hotel room, not a nursery with two boys who will crack ear-to-ear grins at seeing Daddy. This trip is really, really hard. And it's going to be like this for a few weeks. The boys are happy and healthy, though, and that's what's important; also important is my ability to provide for them, so there's that.

Going to see my family tomorrow. Can't wait.

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