Sunday, October 9, 2011

Starting out

First post here. Going to try to keep up with this; I'm notoriously bad for starting and forgetting blogs.

It's been a crazy, crazy year. In late 2010, I was working from home, training for a triathlon, and generally felt like all of my pots were simmering nicely, so to speak. I'd lift a lid, give it a stir, and keep going. Then life happened.

In 2011, S. was diagnosed with diabetes. Then I started working on the road again, for the first time in 3 years. I had to navigate the web of air travel, rental cars, expense reports, and being away from home.

Then, after trying for years and lots of struggles (more on that later), S. got pregnant! I was on the road; being away was really really tough. More on that later, too. A few weeks after the "S.'s pregnant" news, we discovered that it's twins.

The summer went by in a flash - training for a half-ironman, then performing in a renaissance festival, then driving (with pregnant wife!) across three states for a class reunion.

In late September, S. was diagnosed with preeclampsia.

On October 4, our twins entered the world. They're early - just 30w4d - but doing great.

This blog is -- I hope -- more of a journal/diary thing; a way to share my personal thoughts/hopes/fears somewhere. More soon, I have a million things to do....

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